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The Autumn Dreams by Julia Vikman

Poland, videorecording and photography, full HD

www.strefa.ru - Services for producers and exporters in the countries of Eastern Europe

Ballady i romanse rosyjskie

www.cdrussianmusic.com - CD russian music, Julia Vikman "Moscow Nights"

www.swadba-2009.de - alles für die Hochzeit

www.redress.strana.de - web site with lyrics of world famous Russian songs

www.decadence.arh.ru - the official Home Page of Decadence band

www.hofgut-schweinheim.de - Gutsschänke und Galerie im Hofgut Unterschweinheim

http://www.syberiatravel.pl - The „Syberia Travel" is known for long-term experience of travel across Siberia.

http://www.thegreatrace2008.com.pl - The Great Car Race 2008

www.pawelmilosz.com - the official Home Page of photographer Pawel Milosz

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