Short story about my life...

I grew up within a family where my mother as well as my father were active in the world of theater and music. So the my interests were attracted to music from very early age. After being put to sleep on the grand piano as baby every day, it was only a natural process that this instrument won all my passionate affection.

With same intensity I was fascinated by the world of literature leaving no chances to get bored of my time, there was either reading or playing piano. So, after education periods in schools the way opened to music academy and conservatory, studying classic piano, examinated and teaching also as music pedagogue.

The very extreme cycles of days in the northern city with nearly no night-time during summer and no day-time during winter, has had a unique “cultural effect” on our young generation: it made us creative in various fields of art. No wonder a group of young musicians found together, finally producing outstanding, sophisticated, modern music. We played concerts and issued CDs in many european cities. After the great changes finally, too many things had turned away from our favour, that caused me to give my life an new dimension. In other words I decided to set my feet, starting in Western Europe and aiming at all international stages. Presently I am working from northern Bavaria, Germany.

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